Community Season 6 Checkpoint: A Tale of Two Characters

Image 3-25-15 at 12.54 AM

Dean Pelton wonders why Chang is still on campus

Community’s sixth season is three episodes old. How has it been? Quite good, considering that a significant portion of the original ensemble is no longer around, among other circumstances. I wouldn’t rank it among the show’s glory run (mid-season one to season three), but it’s certainly streets ahead of the “Gas Leak Year” (season four). In fact, I’d say it’s on-par with the beginning of season five. I just hope season six doesn’t sputter to the finish line, like its predecessor did.

It may be too hasty for me to make a judgement call, seeing as we’re only three episodes deep right now, but two characters have already made strong impressions on me in season six, each for different reasons:

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